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When Nichols College appointed Glenn M. Sulmasy, JD, LL.M, as its 8th President in 2021, an acclaimed international law and national security expert with experience in academics, law, and government service, with 24 years of prior experience in higher education, no one imagined he may have had a sordid past. Prior to joining Nichols College, he served as provost and chief academic officer of Bryant University. Before that he served as Deputy University Counsel and later led the Humanities Department at the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), in New London, CT. However, now Sulmasy is tangled in allegations of a cover-up of a rape while he was an attorney working for the Coast Guard, and unfolding information about a questionable past.

Sulmasy has taken a voluntary leave from his position pending a Coast Guard investigation. The investigation was launched after an officer alleged she had been raped while at the Coast Guard Academy and that two lawyers for the Coast Guard had discouraged her from pursuing the complaint further. Things have taken a turn for the worst amid information uncovered by CNN claiming that when Sulmasy was a Dean with the Coast Guard Academy, he exchanged more than 100 sexually suggestive text messages with woman, prompting a recommendation in 2016 to bring charges against him in the military court. Further, the Coast Guard has now banned Sulmasy from the grounds of the Academy and is considering taking the rare step of demoting an officer after retirement.

Sulmasy earned his JD at the University of Baltimore School of Law (cum laude and his LLM from UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall).

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A leading voice in the legal academy and higher education, Timothy Fisher’s review of May it Please the Campus: Lawyers Leading Higher Education, appears in the most recent issue of the Touro Law Review and can be accessed at:

This is the third review, following one by Dean Nicholas Allard at the Jacksonville School of Law, and one by Professor Nancy Rapaport.

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Updated: Sep 16

Attorney Gregory Haile, who has served as the 7th President of Boward College in Florida since 2018 has abruptly resigned, giving the Board a required 120 day notice. Broward College is the 4th largest community college in the country and it has been recognized as one of the top ten community colleges and serves approximately 55,000 students. The Board has asked President Haile to reconsider but it is not clear whether he will. Haile, a well liked and well respected President, resigned following the appointment of three new board members in the last six months by Governor DeSantis. In his resignation letter Haile noted that the entire Board is relatively new with no member having served a full term and that although he has not been asked to step down, he states his belief that it is time for a transition.

As reported in the media, with higher education leadership in Florida becoming more political, it is unclear whether this has motivated President Haile to leave at this time.

Prior to being appointed President, Haile served as the General Counsel and Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Broward from 2011 to 2018. He was previously in private practice as a corporate litigator with several national law firms.

Haile earned his JD from Columbia University School of Law.

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