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Information About Lawyer Presidents

Zoom Webinar: Lawyers in Higher Education, ABA (5/17/23)


Government Lawyers May Be Prime Candidates for College and University Presidencies, NYSBA (5/8/2023)

Andrus, Jennifer, May It Please the Campus: The Rise of the Lawyer as College President, NYSBA (4/26/2023)

Karen Sloan, Another Law Dean Takes Top College Post with Barnard Hire , Reuters, (3/9/2023)

Podcast: Transitioning into Provosts and Presidents, The Aspen Leading Edge Podcast (2/14/2023)

Lawyers Leading Higher Education: Book Talk; Albany Law School (1/30/2023)

Salkin, Patricia, Training Lawyers as Leaders (1/12/2023)

Podcast: Touro Law professor and provost Patricia Salkin discusses book on lawyers leading universities, The Association of American Law Schools (1/2023)

AALS 2022 Arc of Career Program, From Legal  Education to the C‐Suite: Lawyers Leading  Higher Education (1/7/2022) (Video Recording)

Karen Sloan, More U.S. Colleges Turn To Law Schools to Find their Next Presidents, Reuters, (12/8/2021)

Salkin, Patricia, "In Tough Times, Schools Look to Lawyer Trustees to Lead", AGB (May/June 2021)

Moran, Lyle, "Lawyers find their skill sets make them ideal candidates for college presidencies", ABA (4/1/2021)

Salkin, Patricia, "May It Please The Campus: The Rise of Lawyer Presidents", Stetson Law National Conference (March 2021)

Salkin, Patricia, "Lawyers are Leading Higher Education as Advocates Call for More Formal Leadership Training in Legal Education", Best Practices Legal Ed. (2/18/2021)

Salkin, Patricia, "Why Lawyers Make Excellent Academic Leaders", University Business (1/28/2021) 


Boel, Werner, "In Crisis, What Makes Lawyers Leaders?," Business Law Today (ABA 11/16/2020)

Salkin, Patricia, Women Lawyers Making Progress as Campus Leaders, Women in Higher Education (Wiley Sept. 2020) 

Salkin, Patricia, Your Next College President May Be the GC Next Door, Bloomberg Insights (July 7, 2020) 

Salkin, Patricia, Why Government Lawyers Are Appealing Candidates for College and University Presidencies,” State and Local Law News, vol. 43. No. 3 at 8 (Spring 2020) 

Salkin, Patricia, From the Classroom to the Presidency: Legal Educators Tapped to Run the Campus, 51 Syllabus issue No. 2 (ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar (Winter 2020) 


Salkin, Patricia, Lawyers are Leading U.S Colleges and Universities More Than Ever Before: Is That Good or Bad for Higher Education?, Washington Post (1/15/2020) 

Howard, William; "The Appeal of Law School Deans as College and University Presidents." LinkedIn, January 24 2019

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Schmidt, Peter; "A Lawyer Takes an Uncommon Path to a University Presidency." The Chronicle, (1/1/2012)

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