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Welcome to the Lawyers Leading Higher Education blog. This blog has been launched with the release of the new book, May it Please the Campus: Lawyers Leading Higher Education, and it is designed to share information about higher education leadership and the role of lawyers in this space. Up until now, the appointment of lawyers as college and university presidents has been widely underreported and understudied. With the data that is now available on the Lawyers Leading Higher Education website, the public, search committees, the media, the legal profession, and others will have access to information to inform discussions and decision making on this topic. There is much here for students of leadership as well as for lawyers who are considering careers in higher education. The website where this blog is hosted contains a Resources tab with relevant articles and discussions; a Trends tab that graphically illustrates data that has been collected to date; a Meet the Presidents tab that lists by century, the names of lawyer presidents leading institutions of higher education. I welcome suggestions from readers of people who should be added to these charts. Please email me at

Check back here and consider subscribing to this blog for more information about lawyers leading higher education.

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